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Power your life on campus with good food and a dining program that makes it easy for you to eat right. If you ever want to know what’s on the menu at the Fresh Food Company to help you plan your meals, we have all of the information for you! Our entire menu cycle is available, so you will know exactly what you’re having when you come in for a meal.  

Dietary Restrictions Program

We are introducing the following logos that will be seen on menu boards to help our hungry patrons take the guessing game out of mealtime. You will soon be seeing the following logos.


Gluten Free Pantry

Carleton University dining services launched the first of its kind Gluten Free Pantry in Canada designed for students with Celiac Disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance. The pantry is intended to give students with gluten free needs a safe place to eat. The pantry is located in the Fresh Food Company situated in an enclosed area with restricted access. Access of the pantry is granted on an individual basis by the registered dietitian. Sign up here!

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Our chef and dietitians help take the mystery out of healthy eating and are available to accommodate dietary needs in a personalized, sensitive manner. Contact your on-site Chef or Dietitian, or email for general information.

  • Ideas from our Chefs and Dietitians
    Ideas from our Chefs and Dietitians
    More "feed your potential" tips, recipes and ideas from our chefs and dietitian.
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